The Worst Celebrity Tattoo Mistakes 》

Ariana Grande gets lost in translation

Sometimes, it seems like the most common tattoo mistake involves bad translations. For example, people want to get a tattoo in Japanese, and they only realize way too late that their ink doesn’t say what they thought it said.

And this ended up happening to singer Ariana Grande in a big way. After the success of her song “7 Rings,” she decided to get a tribute tattoo written in Japanese kanji. The only problem: her tattoo originally translated to “Japanese barbecue grill” (no, really). She’s since had it fixed, but her faux pas serves as a powerful reminder to always triple-check your tattoo design before it’s on your body.

Drake officially becomes the worst Beatle

Most of the time, controversies centered on Drake mostly focus on his strange interactions with underage girls. However, the singer also found the time to get one of the most bizarre and baffling tattoos in celebrity history that still has fans shaking their heads.

For reasons we will probably never understand, Drake got a tattoo of himself as a member of The Beatles. This was meant to celebrate getting more songs on the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 than the legendary band, but the strange tattoo had music fans dragging Drake for both being petty and having absolutely awful taste in ink.