The Most Toxic Movie Sets in Hollywood History 》

It’s not that common to hear stories about problematic Hollywood celebrities. When we hear stories about their bad behavior, it’s easy to think these are just isolated incidents. And since we expect Hollywood heavyweights to be prima donnas, it’s easy to dismiss the occasional tantrum they throw on set.

Sometimes, though, the entire set is one big tantrum because it’s completely toxic. When someone in a position of power (often the director) abuses that power, it creates a toxic environment simply because it encourages others on set to act on their worst impulses.

To make matters worse, some of the most toxic movie sets ended up producing some legendary Hollywood films. However, that makes these sets no less problematic, nor does it undo the trauma that so many of the cast and crew experienced.

What, then, were the most toxic movie sets in Hollywood history? Keep reading to discover the surprising answers!

Terminator Salvation

Most of the time, onset drama is something we have to hear about secondhand from the actors or crew. However, every now and then an onset tantrum gets broadcast to the entire world. And there is no better example of this than Christian Bale’s infamous outburst on the set of Terminator Salvation.

As reported by TMZ, an audio recording of Christian Bale freaking out on the set leaked in February 2009. In the clip, Bale screams at the cinematographer for adjusting a light and then threatened to destroy the lights and even leave the film altogether if there were any further disruptions. Considering that Bale was the biggest star in the movie, his angry (and NSFW) outburst is a powerful indicator of just how toxic this set really was.