The Craziest TV and Movie Mistakes of All Time

There is something magical about getting lost in a good movie or TV show. However, if you’re not careful, there are many ways your sense of immersion can be broken.

And nothing ruins that sense of immersion like a glaring mistake that the actors, showrunners, and directors failed to catch in time. Once you see these major errors, it’s tough to ever look back on your favorite movies and shows the same way ever again.

What are the craziest television and movie mistakes of all time, though? Keep reading to discover the answer!

Name confusion in Supernatural

Across its many seasons, Supernatural ended up building an impressive universe full of powerful lore. Things were a bit looser in the first season, though, leading to a very memorable mistake.

In the episode “Provenance,” the character Dean calls his brother “Jared,” seemingly referring to the first name of the actor. This is the kind of goof that happens all the time in filming and is usually caught quickly and reshot. In this case, the embarrassing mistake made it all the way to the finished episode.