The Craziest Celebrity Myths (and the Truth Behind Them) 》

Mr. Rogers, a lethal sniper?

Many wild celebrity myths focus on unexpected contrasts. For example, Mr. Rogers is the ultimate embodiment of wholesome, emotional support. And it didn’t take long for fans to create a rumor that, before becoming a TV host, Rogers was a lethal military sniper.

As always, the truth is much more mundane. While Mr. Rogers did try to join the military, he was declared unfit for service back in 1950. Hilariously enough, though, the Navy SEALS website still has a page up debunking the rumor that Mr. Rogers was part of the service.

Stevie Wonder faking his blindness?

At times, the craziest celebrity rumors come from unexpected moments. For example, when blind singer Stevie Wonder was on stage during a performance one time, he caught a microphone that had started falling towards him. This led to a rumor that Wonder has been faking his blindness all along!

It’s a wild theory, but there is literally nothing to it except for that mic-catching moment. If Wonder were really faking anything, we’d have more evidence considering that he has been in the public eye for so many decades. Plus, it’s not uncommon for the other senses to develop more to compensate for a lack of vision, so this was likely no more than a combination of good ears and good reflexes.