The Craziest Celebrity Myths (and the Truth Behind Them) 》

Sometimes, fame and celebrity can be very double-edged swords. For example, when you’re famous, people all around the world will constantly talk about you. That may sound like a good thing, but it won’t take long before the weirdest fans create the strangest rumors.

Many of these rumors have confounded multiple generations over the years, but what’s the truth? Keep reading to learn more about the craziest celebrity myths as well as the truth behind them!

Paul is dead

Perhaps the longest-running celebrity myth kicked off back in 1967, and it centered on Paul McCartney. That was the year that a strange rumor went around saying that McCartney had died in a car accident, and this rumor gained steam once a radio DJ spoke to a caller about a rumor that playing a certain Beatles song backward means you can hear secret lyrics discussing how “Paul is dead.”

The center of this theory is the idea that McCartney died and was replaced so the band could keep going. However, everyone who knew McCartney as a child vouches that he is the same man today, so we can chalk this theory up to fans making their own fun back in the day.

Elvis lives

The best conspiracy theories usually have a germ of truth to them. For example, people have been seeing sightings of Elvis Presley from nearly the moment that he died. And some of those who believe Elvis faked his death do so because his family requested a second autopsy to verify the cause of death to their satisfaction.

In 2027, that autopsy report will become a matter of public record. But the sobering truth is that the family just wanted a second autopsy because of the confusing nature of Elvis’ death. And as much as we’d like to believe the craziest rumors (for example, that Elvis knew too much about the Mafia and went into witness protection), this singer has been dead for a good, long time. 

Walt Disney’s frozen body

Walt Disney was easily one of the most creative people to ever walk the planet. And his death meant we would never again see his amazing ideas brought to life. Perhaps this is why so many people believe that Disney had his body cryogenically frozen so that he could be revived later in life.

This persistent rumor has been around since 1969, but we can confidently say there is no truth to it. Not only did Disney never have his body cryogenically frozen, but he had his body cremated after his death. On the most literal level, there is nothing left of the man that could ever be revived.