Michelle Obama’s Most Shockingly Inappropriate Outfits 》

Compared to women like Melania Trump, Michelle Obama was one of the most modest and unassuming First Ladies in United States history. And they each made history in their own ways. Michelle was the first Black FLOTUS, and Melania was the first FLOTUS that had posed nude for the world to see.

In other words, Michelle Obama rarely did anything that was ever as inappropriate as her successor, but she still found ways to shock people, especially when it came to her wardrobe. In fact, some of her outfits were so shockingly inappropriate that they created the worst kinds of buzz, and we are still discussing those outfits to this day.

What are the most inappropriate outfits ever worn by Michelle Obama? Keep reading to find out!

Uncovering her head in Saudi Arabia

It doesn’t take long to learn that what is and is not inappropriate is dependent on certain contexts or cultures. Basically, what is perfectly appropriate here may not be appropriate somewhere else.

That’s something Michelle Obama discovered when she visited Saudi Arabia in 2015. When doing so, she decided against wearing a headscarf, which is the conservative cultural requirement of most women in that area.

Here’s where it gets interesting: as a visitor from a foreign country, she was never expected to wear a headscarf, but many felt she should have obeyed more of the local customs, including the headscarf, to show respect, and the whole thing turned into a weird online controversy. 

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Going all-out for the Pope

Part of being First Lady meant meeting important dignitaries from all around the world. It is perhaps ironic that when Michelle Obama met the Pope, she learned the real meaning of the old phrase “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

In order to show Pope Francis the respect he is due, Michelle went all out and ended up buying a stunning blue Carolina Herrera dress that cost $2,300. Nobody can deny that she looked quite stunning in the dress, but it’s important to note that Francis had been very vocal about the evils of capitalism as well as the dangers of spending too much money. To a man with those beliefs, greeting him in a dress that costs thousands of dollars is as good as slapping his face.