Actors Who Really Hated Kissing Costars 》

There is a certain formula to different kinds of movies, especially ones featuring romance. There will be fighting and conflict for our characters to resolve, but all of that leads us to the big moment where our two smoking hot stars end up locking lips.

These are the moments that audiences always look forward to, but our favorite stars don’t always feel the same way. In fact, some of them really ended up hating when they had to kiss their costars, even when those costars were some of the hottest people on the planet.

So, which of your favorite actors hated smooching other famous faces, and what made them hate the onscreen kissing so much? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Hugh Jackman

Les Misérables was quite the epic production, and it gave Hugh Jackman the chance to kiss Hollywood legend Nicole Kidman. Kissing her is what countless people have fantasized about, but Jackman learned to dread it for two very specific reasons.

First, as Elle reports, the actor gets shy about doing these kinds of things in front of so many people. “It’s never particularly comfortable making out with someone in front of 70 people,” he said. “That’s really not something that turns me on.”

Second, Jackman is married to Deborra-Lee Furness, a woman who once lived with Nicole Kidman and remains friends with her to this day. Whether she was visiting onset or just watching the movie from home, Jackman was understandably worried about his wife seeing him make out with her old roommate!

Reese Witherspoon

In the underrated movie Water For Elephants, Reese Witherspoon had the chance to do what countless fans have been dreaming of: to kiss Robert Pattinson onscreen. However, she ended up dreading locking her tonsils with the young actor, but not for the reasons you might expect.

As Witherspoon later told MTV News, Pattinson was dealing with a bad cold when the two had to lock lips for the film. “He did have a very runny nose, yeah,” she said. “It wasn’t appealing; it wasn’t pleasant.” Far from being offended, Pattison felt the same way and didn’t want to make out with someone (even someone as cute as Reese Witherspoon) while looking and feeling so gross.